1. keef247

    Who do you trust/which would you buy? Zotac/Palit/Inno3d?

    problem solved! Cheers!
  2. keef247

    First build in 14-15 years... 6800xt or 3080?

    In oct-nov or at worst dec I'll be building a new system for the first time since a q6600... (ran macbook pros since for what I use and consoles) This will ONLY be used for gaming... 5800x, 32gb 3600 lpx, rm850, msi mortar b550m wifi/bt, sammy 980pro 2tb pcie4.0 m.2, lg 32gp850-b... IF the...
  3. E__A

    Advice needed on MSI Raider Series

    Hi there, I'm looking to get a new laptop. I would like one with an RTX 3080 graphics card and 32GB RAM as I do a lot of 3D work and this is close to the spec. of my current laptop (which needs replacing as it only lasts 45 mins on battery and has multiple other problems making it impractical to...
  4. Nicolaj

    Underperforming 3080 OC - Please help

    I just bought a Asus Strix 3080 OC - And was curios why it underperformed, I then found out it was because of low GPU usage. Below is some of the things i tried to fix it without luck.. - DDU´ed and reinstalled newest driver - Installed MSI afterburner set power limit to max - Core 60+ Mem 200+...
  5. leobubani

    Geforce 3080, 3080ti and 3090 compatibility

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my two 1080ti for the new 3000 series and I'm currently in between the 3080, 3080ti and 3090. My main question is if these would be fully compatible with my system and if they'd fit inside the GPU slots since the 3000 series are quite larger than the previous ones...
  6. Arthaei

    New 12900k Build End of Jan

    Max 3.1k budget. I've already bought 2x 2TB Samsung Pro 980 M.2 ssd drives ready. Would like to incorporate a 3080 or possibly 3080ti. Possibly looking at the below, any suggestions or tweaks? will be used mostly for gaming, some video editing. Also, can anyone tell me the difference between...
  7. Cheki

    Help / Advise needed!

    Built a new pc a few days ago, 5800x, 3080, 32gb ram, m.2 ssd, rog strix b550-f, 850w gold psu, and everyonce in a while, this happens Imgur: The magic of the Internet I'm very confused as to what the problem is, I've re installed gpu drivers, checked the m.2 drivers are up to date, and even...
  8. Cheki

    GPU installation

    Built a new pc the other day, gpu is tilted upwards, using a 3080 tuf oc v2, it's not sagging or anything, its just tilted a little upwards and thought this was a bit weird, all plugged in right so nothing to worry there, wondering if anyone has had this before? *edit* images for reference...
  9. jwilliamson47

    Graphics card for 3440x1440 144hz?

    Hi, I was wondering which graphics card to buy for 3440x1440 at up to 144hz. I know prices are beyond insanity but I've sold two gpus to fund a new purchase. I'm currently seeing the 6900xt in stock but very few 3080s. The 3080tis seem to be at least 500 more than the 6900xt. I could wait and...
  10. Josh Waterson

    Massive FPS drops

    Hi there, While playing Fortnite, I get really bad FPS drops. If I'm playing at 60fps, I often drop to the 40s and occasionally as low as the 20s. I've tried a bunch of things: update nvidia drivers uninstall and reinstall nvidia drivers lowered my Fortnite settings remove Discord overlay...
  11. MrFunko

    ASUS 3080 TUF GAMING OC - Full power draw and Instability at Stock

    So after being in a queue since the beginning of October I finally received my 3080 2 weeks ago. Since doing a clean install of windows and running everything at stock. I found the performance not being to the standard it should be. I was getting quite low FPS in games where easily I should be...
  12. Jack Perkins

    3070 v 3080

    Good Morning All, What is everyones thoughts on the 3070 v 3080. I am wondering if it is worth the extra money investing in a 3080 or would a 3070 be enough. I would be looking to play games such as Warzone, Apex, Possibly cyberpunk Many thanks
  13. skillfulmmd

    3080 is really underperforming

    I have an MSI Suprim X 3080 and it seems to be massively underperforming and I can't figure out what is causing the issue. I've tried all sorts and just don't seem to be making any progress and wanted to see if anyone here could help as I'm losing my mind. My specs are as follows: CPU - Ryzen...
  14. Freakaknight

    Hello Ocuk forum

    Someone recommended I post elsewhere in the forum and not just under the gpu section, so here I am, hello. 20 odd posts so far and honestly my experience hasn't been a great one, feels a little alienating the way mods, staff and long term members have responded to me... maybe it's just that...
  15. Ash_Habib

    PC Games to test on New 3080 PC

    Hi All, I have a new Alienware 3080 / AMD 5900x PC arriving next week. This will replace my near 10 year old Dell XPS desktop. I am going to pair the new PC with a 43" ROG STRIX XG43UQ monitor. I have always been a console gamer, but now that I have this beast arriving soon wanted to get...
  16. DrFortran

    Legion T7, 34IMZ5 ES, poor 3DMark score at stock settings

    Hi all I recently bought a desktop Legion T7. I ran it through the 3dmark demo on steam and the results are far below average, both for the CPU and the GPU test. 3dmark score https://i.imgur.com/2ozMT7d.jpg Specs: i7-10700KF 1x16 GB DDR4 SDRAM / 3200 MHz GeForce RTX 3080 / 10 GB GDDR6 SDRAM...
  17. Mylestheone

    Please critique my gaming/work build whilst waiting to get a 3070/80

    Hi, I'm looking to build a new rig since my x58 build from 10 years ago is on it's last legs. Main usage will be a combination of work, video editing for YouTube and of course, gaming. I am hunting for either of the ever elusive 3070/80 founders edition cards at msrp. Not fussed which one I get...
  18. Rustyeyed

    Lian li 011 dynamic Blood & Ice edition. (the pain and the smiles)

    Hi everyone, So my first watercool build. Inspired by this forum and all the pros out there. So here is mine, yet another 011 dynamic non XL build. Spec: - AMD 5600X - EVGA 3080 FTW3 - TRIDENT Z G. SKILL 16GB - CORSIAR RM850 PSU - AORUS X570 - EK Vector 3080 ftw3 waterblock. - EK Vector cpu...
  19. Tiamat21

    Damaged 3080fe rear cap (with a cracking ending)

    Just went to add some thermal pads to the back of my 3080fe and noticed this: Any ideas guys? It's rock solid when I touch it so I doubt I broke it. Going to check if it still runs. Edit after rma came back: It did work when I put it all back together. Used it while waiting for the rma to...
  20. MackenzieHinchliffe

    Gig Oc ?3080 Flown through queue

    So for the last 2 months I’ve been steadily going down the queue for a 3080 maybe 1-2 places a week.. got an email yesterday saying I’d dropped 40 places yet they apparently haven’t had any delivered? Anyone else had this happen (gigabyte gaming oc)
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