1. kosch

    Flow flow flow, we all say flow!

    I upgraded from AIO to a hardline build back in August 2021 flow rate was 150 L/H then slowly got worse and worse, thanks Aquasuite flow rate graphing!! Now it won't go over 94 l/h at 100% pump speed, support article says min of 100 L/H is safe...
  2. Adiphex

    New Custom Loop Flow issue

    Hi Community! I've just finished my custom loop, which consist of a EK XRES-100 D5 revo pwm pump/res combo, EK Strix 1080 Ti gpu block, EK Velocity CPU block, 1x 360 Bykski 28mm radiator, 1x EK PE240 radiator, Aquacomputer HighFlow LT flow meter and 5x Noctua NF-F12 Chromax pwm fans. All this...
  3. darrecky

    Ancient i7 5960x + 2080 WC temperatures

    Hello world! This is my 1st post, however I was a regular reader since 2017r. As my old AIO died after about 6 years I've decided to go custom loop with hope that my old system performance can be increased, previously limited by temps. According to EKWB configurator sufficient radiators were...
  4. megatron

    High Flow Next, High Flow 2 & High Flow lt flow sensors *Owners Club*

    I'm going to try to replicate a post from the Aquacomputer forum. My High Flow Next is enroute. The item was out of stock when I ordered it and it has been a two months wait but the impeller is hand calibrated in each device, so not exactly mass produced. high flow NEXT - The next generation...
  5. JayGee

    JayGee's Lian Li PC-V3000WX Dual Loop Build

    This build is now a wrap - a few final pictures start here -> Thanks for joining me on the ride. JayGee -------------------------------------- ++++++ Original log starts here +++++ -------------------------------------- The excitement...
  6. SmashBrown

    spec me a watercool/aquacomputer loop.

    Been browsing ocuk for water cooling parts for my current build Gigabyte z390 pro wifi 9700k Gigabyte aorus 2080 super(soon) Lian Li 011 air I REALLY like the look of the heat killer stuff + the 150 aquacomputer pump with the digital readout. Would be going for a stealth black/white/chrome...
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