1. Bloodrayne

    Stand-alone Camera for filming from inside of parked car

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a motion activated camera that I can put inside my car (preferably battery powered, and not connected to the car) and point it out of the rear view window? It may sound like a stupid request, but my car has been sat at home recently on a normally quiet street...
  2. Myceliumweb

    New working fuel guage not still showing as empty tank. Looking for advice of what else to check

    Hi. I just fixed a new fuel pump in a Citroen C3 automatic. The guage on the fuel pump works fine, but it isn't reaching the digital screen on the dash board. The car starts fine, so the fuse for the fuel pump should be fine. I was hoping for some advice on other things I could check before...
  3. SupraWez

    Home Car Ramp Recommendations / Experience

    Hey All, Anyone on here got any experience with the various home car ramps available, not the drive up metal ramps but the home scissor ramps, usually plug with small pump. Looking at something like this for the garage instead of using jacks and axel stands. Most of them are portable so could...
  4. TinyMe

    Damaged new car! Opinions please

    My cousin is getting his first car on finance, it will be brand new and fitted with a black box. (He’s just passed his test) It was on its way to be delivered today when he got a call to say his car had been damaged during transport so they need to take it back and fix it. (It was being...
  5. Quartz

    Genesis cars?

    What do OCUKers think of Genesis Cars? They're the luxury marque of Hyundai and Kia but not available from those dealers. They have a dealer-free business model. They're not quite ready to travel as far as Aberdeen. I had a sit in the G80 Sport and, were it not for the sun roof it would have...
  6. overthinker

    Does one really need V5C to take a vehicle out of the UK for a week or so?

    For family reasons I need to visit my home country by car as soon as possible. For that I'm planning to buy a used car. According to this, I'd need to have V5C to take a vehicle out of the UK. The problem is that And I don't have a week to wait for my V5C. Do I really need V5C to go to the...
  7. stockhausen

    Pure Highway 200 - DAB adapter?

    Does anyone have any experience of / with a DAB Adapter / FM Transmitter for car radio? I an thinking of getting a Pure Highway for use in my car and would like to hear whether or not they work effectively.
  8. Cadder

    Would You Buy A Used Hybrid Car?

    Hii all, We want to replace our tiny hatchback with a decent, reliable estate and have seen a 2018 Merc 2.0 C350e g.4 kWh Sport G-Tronic+ (s/S) with 48k miles on the clock. At 3 years old, at the time of writing this, is there anything about it being a hybrid that makes this a worse purchase...
  9. Shea Gallagher

    Best insurance for modified cars UK?

    Hi, I have a 2015 Audi A5 S line with 20”wheels and spacers, I’m currently with axa insurance for the year is £1009 (24 almost with 2 years no claims,) any other insurance company that allows mods that I’ve spoke to such as Adrian flux and checked compare the market have been around £5000...
  10. 4K8KW10

    Motor Oils - viscosity, and other qualities?

    Is it safe to use 0W-50 Eneos Sustina? Has anyone tried it and how does it compare to 5W-40?
  11. Abz2008

    Need Help Vauxhall Damage

    Hi, I bought a car, as I had other problems my car was looked at by the garage he noted that my card had previously been accident repaired potentially. He stated that the thing under the bonnet (don’t know what it’s called sorry) I have attached the link and marked the bit red. Is misaligned...
  12. Adrian121500

    Scirocco 2.0 TDI noise under hood

    Hello everyone, I own a scirocco 2.0 TDI 2013 it's on 55k miles and 2 weeks ago I noticed a weird click noise coming under the hood for first time when car was in neutral. I continued to drive the car and I noticed the rackling noise some times comes on and off. The worst it has been was when...
  13. Shawy

    Garage Buildlog

    Hi folks. Having purchased my first house around a year ago, I've finally gotten around to sorting out the garage. A few people over in motors seemed to like it, so here's a sort of 'build log' of what I've done. Here's the before pictures, from the house advert. It's a 1890's 2 story coach...
  14. squarehead94

    New (used) car suggestions.

    Looking to get a car in the new year. I do deliveries so over 15k miles per year. Requirements are: 55+ mpg urban driving (short journeys along with odd long journeys Under 6 years old Under 100k Under £30/Year tax What should I look for? Reliability and comfort essential, so far looked at...
  15. Bnjkmn

    20 Reg Plate or 69

    Hi all... I’m looking at getting a new Volkswagen Golf and it’s being held for me... The dealership is desperate to get me to take this car ASAP and keep phoning offering something additional to the offer (nothing major)... but I feel more inclined to wait for the new 20 plate instead of the...
  16. ChrisH229

    How to fix this ?!

    Hi everyone, Today I had a mishap, error of judgment whilst parking !!! I scuffed my wheel on the kerb, not massive damage but it’s annoying ! Anyone had a similar problem with these types of wheels ? They’re not big standard alloys and have to be the expensive BMW kind . any help I would...
  17. BobMarley69

    Private plates

  18. Illuminist

    Help spec me a first car £2000

    Hi there, Looking for a second hand car but could do with some experienced views in what make? I have never needed a car until now as I have a first child, so just trained and I can walk to work. Needs 4 doors for baby, I've been looking at honda civics 2007,2008 as I heard they are decent...
  19. SkeeterUK

    Learning to drive atm and wondering about what car to get later if i pass

    Hi all. Ive been learning to drive since about april i think now and even tho its late ive just passed my theory test first time, woohoo, and with having a 4hr intro lesson and 2 sets of 10hr and half way through my 3rd set of 10hrs i am hoping that i can do my practical test soonish tho with...
  20. Th1991

    Am I crunching my second gear or am I being paranoid?

    Hi all, New to this forum. I have a Mercedes A Class 2015 model. I’ve had the car for 8 months and from day 1 I’ve had a problem switching from 1st to 2nd gear. I feel like I am crunching the gear as I can hear a slight noise at times and I can feel how it isn’t a smooth transition. It is also...
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