1. olgvingrawj123

    DDR5 Memory overclocking - Samsung Bdie

    Anyone managed much success with overclocking DDR5 yet? I've managed to settle my cpu overclock over the past 2 days at a point where im happy with both temperature, voltage and speed and now looking at upping the speed on my memory kit. The kit has the sku CMK32GX5M2B5600C36 5600mhz 32gb...
  2. BigSykeDaddy

    Manually Overclocking Corsair Dominator DDR5?

    Hello everyone! First of all I wanna say you guys are awesome! I've enjoyed reading through these forums off and on over the years and I have learned a lot! I believe I only have a couple posts on these forums so I am still a complete newbie when it comes to overclocking. I recently...
  3. Teeeeee

    Fastest + Lowest latency + Reliable 32GB RAM for 12700K and 5900X

    Hi guys, I NEED MY PC TO BE 100% RELIABLE AND NOT CRASH! Which is the better option......? Build 5900x + X570 Dark Hero with DDR4 3600Mhz CL14 RAM (RAM LATENCY 7.7 nanoseconds) OR..... 12700K + Z690 Maximum HERO + DDR5 4800Mhz CL36 (RAM LATENCY 15 nanoseconds) for now and UPGRADE RAM to...
  4. geeB3ARz

    DDR5 new build. No post

    Hi, I’ve just started a new build and I’m having an issue with no post. I’ve been through the regular checking of components and cables, built the pc outside and inside of the case with no luck. The pc powers up, motherboard LED flashes from CPU to DRAM and eventually hangs on DRAM, after...
  5. Shubunkin

    DDR5 running slow, can't use XMP profiles.

    Hi there. I have an Ason ROG z690 Formula, latest bios update, fitted with Corsair Dominator 5600. I'm unable to get the memory to run at it's full speed. If I set Auto it runs at 4700. If I manually set the speed the max I can get to is 5000 but it seems a little unstable. Neither of the...
  6. Denisthehero

    Is it worth buying DDR5 ram for a pc upgrade, or is it better to use DDR4 until prices drop?

    So, I want to upgrade my whole pc basically. I've had it unchanged for about 6 years and it's showing its age on newer games. (I'm not gonna upgrade the GPU for now, as there is basically no stock). I want to get an i5 12600K and I was think of also getting DDR5 ram. Is it worth the extra...
  7. BigSykeDaddy

    Z690 DDR4 Motherboard?

    Hello everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. So like a lot of other PC enthusiasts I am currently struggling with the whole DDR5 availability issue. I currently have (sitting in my closet) an i9 12900k // Asus Z690 Hero Motherboard (along with most of the other components) I am coming...
  8. Meatysy

    Will DDR5 be viable at launch?

    Do people reckon that price and compatibility with ddr5 will be viable with the launch of the next set of processors or will we be better to stick with ddr4 for longer? I was planning an upgrade at the start of the year but haven't managed yet so thinking I might just wait till the next set of...
  9. 4K8KW10

    *** AMD "Zen 4" thread (inc AM5/APU discussion) ***

    AMD Confirms "Zen 4" on 5nm, Other Interesting Tidbits from Q2-2020 Earnings Call https://www.techpowerup.com/270414/amd-confirms-zen-4-on-5nm-other-interesting-tidbits-from-q2-2020-earnings-call - TSMC N5 process node; - AM5 boards; - DDR5 dual-channel mode per module - quad-channel per...
  10. Nelly

    DDR5 Micron Update : On Track, 1.36x Performance Increase Over DDR4 at Same Data Rate

    Sources: TechPowerUp / Cadence / via AnandTech
  11. Nelly

    DRAM industry likely to face oversupply in 2019

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