1. Cadder

    Hugo Energy App for Smart Meters

    I've had this app installed for a week or so now. I hadn't heard of Hugo until another member posted a link in another thread. It's a great idea and I'm quite impressed with the app overall. It's a LOT better than the SECURE home monitor I have. I can set budgets, look at hourly usage of gas...
  2. Prendo21

    Ceiling Light Circuit Help

    Hi, I recently changed my bathroom. ceiling lamp. Changed from and old light that used alot of wires to a new LED light that uses only 2 into a driver. I managed to get the bathroom light to work, but now the hallway light and the shaver socket have stopped working. I've no idea how to attach...
  3. mccarf

    Which electric bike conversion kit?

    I've been looking into electric bike conversion kits for a little while, but I'm still rather confused what to get. I would preferably like to do it myself so something that has fairly comprehensive and straightforward instructions would be nice. I looked into the Swytch kit but at €580ish and...
  4. Shelia Wreford

    EDF METER. Urgent help needed

    Hello My 84 year old nan has a EDF Electric meter but the top up key she has is a British gas key , always had this , for years and no problems The key is topped up but it says Error a4 when she tried to put it in She has £1 left in the meter and im 100 miles away from her. Tried lots of...
  5. 4K8KW10

    Opinions Hyundai Ioniq Elektro Premium SD 8 Year Warranty

    This vehicle is so eco and beautiful :eek...
  6. James O’s

    Ceiling light Living room help now hallway bedrooms lights don’t work

    Evening. new here so excuse me lol Anyway I just put 2 ceiling chandeliers up in the front room now the hall ways and bedrooms don’t work. The wiring is old has 3 reds in a block 2 yellow in another separate block and 2 blue separate block with a single black this is the block the light fitting...
  7. tsomerville93

    Electrical buzz when PC and monitor connected on the same circuit

    Hi folks, I've got a bit of a bizarre problem. I've just built a new system but retained the PSU, SSDs and screen from my old build. The system works perfectly albeit for a high-pitched buzz (not dissimilar to coil whine; sounds like crickets in the night) coming from the PSU and the monitor's...
  8. Flibster

    Lotus are making a hypercar. Meet the Type 130 - Evija

    https://www.lotuscars.com/model/evija/ 2000ps (1972hp) 1254 lbs of torque 1680kg 200mph plus. Sub 3.0s to 60 (well, naturally... 1900+hp will see to that) 0-186mph in under 9 seconds. :eek: :D Oh, and it's fully electric with a 250 mile range. Battery capable of full charge in 7 minutes (but...
  9. mjt

    Crackling noise behind scuttle panel/cowl trim

    Here's a weird one. My parents' Mk6 Golf GTI has developed a crackling noise behind the scuttle panel trim on the left. If I disconnect the battery, the noise stops. If I connect it again, the crackling starts immediately. This appears to be where the cable from the windscreen washer nozzles...
  10. peterattheboro

    Tesla Model X P100D

    So I was fortunate enough to be given this for a weekend. Massive thanks to Tesla Leeds. Thoughts: It's absolutely rapid. 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. Sat at any speed, you tap the throttle and pretty much immediately you're at licence losing speeds. The quality is to a high standard (for...
  11. Ricochet J

    When are you going fully electric?

    We're moving toward an electric car market. Overall, the number of electric vehicles on UK roads is still a tiny proportion of the total number of registered cars. Out of 26 million cars, around 37,500 are EV. So still a way to go.
  12. mrk

    Royal Mail starts to go green with fleet of cute Postman Pat style vans

    How could you be mad at the postie for being late when (s)he rocks up in one of these things? Full article here: https://www.engadget.com/2017/08/23/royal-mail-arrival-electric-vans/ Would this then be the first UK company to start roiling out a fleet of all electric vehicles and begin the...
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