flight simulator

  1. TimBlanchard


    Hey I would like to purchase a pre-built pc solely for the purpose of flightsim. Box only, no peripherals. £1000 budget. Please hit me with your recommendations. Good reference article : https://www.tomshardware.com/uk/fea...or-benchmarks-performance-system-requirements Many thanks, Tim Reply
  2. benzini

    MS Flight Simulator Build

    Forgive me my PC building brethren, it has been 8 years since my last build ... I'm looking to build a new PC that can run MSFS will all settings at ultra whilst still maintaining a decent FPS, I'm already on the list for an RTX 3080 so while waiting for that to ship I thought I'd start...
  3. Soya

    The 'Official' Screenshot/Videos & Tips thread for MSFS 2020 enthusiasts & flight simmers.

    Greetings fellow simmers & flight enthusiasts, I created a similar thread many years ago for FSX screenshots & tips and it was suggested to me I should see if there is enough interest in setting up a similar thread but for the newest Flight Sim, MSFS 2020: 1) Screenshots, LIMIT of 10 shots per...
  4. martyn83

    MS Flight Simulator 2020 Build...

    Hi, Is anyone out there able to give me a hand with what to use in a build for Flight Sim 2020 which is going to be with us soon. I have not built a PC before and the last one I had made for me was aimed at Flight Sim X many years ago. Budget wise would be £2000 although I will need a monitor...
  5. lurkio

    **** Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Thread ****

    So MS have decided to get back into flight simulations Comparison of versions Out now
  6. Algy

    Advice required for Flightsim PC Desktop

    Hi I have £2k to spend and I am looking for a bit of advice regards selection of a PC Desktop (midi) system for use with Flightsim - Prepar3D v4.2 (64 bit) Preferred options. Intel i5 or i7 (overclocked/water cooled if necessary.) Motherboard to suit above (if overclocked) Nvidia GTX 1080ti...
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