1. sg0

    Synology Nas DS420+ Replace 1 degrading hdd with new. Just want contents moved to new hdd?

    Hi folks, As title suggests. I would like to replace one (Amber warning) hdd for a new one. I have a 4 slot nas and I'm only using 3 slots, I have 3x 4tb hdd's in JBOD Btrfs. I was thinking it should be possible to slot in a new 4tb hdd (now all 4 slots are occupied) then copy contents to new...
  2. Gondar

    HDD weird noise

    I installed brand new sata HDD (wd black), it is in cage at the bottom of PC case, s.m.a.r.t health check says it is ok, but i hear that weird noise, and i can feel vibration in PC case: https://soundcloud.com/user-653106856/voice-002-sd
  3. Quartz

    How noisy are Seagate's Exos HDDs?

    Specifically the 16 and 18 TB models? Do they synchronise spindles?
  4. MrBlobby

    Disk imagine software to server

    Is there free disk imaging to server software? I want to put a bigger hdd in my computer (that has a mSata drive). So I want to create an image on our server then boot from a USB pen and install the image on the new bigger Hd. Is there any free software that does that?
  5. Abandon Strings

    How to Format an 18TB HDD (WD Elements External Drive)

    Hi! I recently bought an 18TB WD Elements External HDD. This drive gives you roughly 16.37TB of useable space. I wanted to use this as a backup drive and used Macrium Reflect to clone an 8TB HDD data drive I have in my desktop to it (I've on a previous occasion used EaseUS to make true backups...
  6. Grumbledook

    2021 3.5" HDD Buying Advice

    This evening my just over 10 year old Samsung 2TB drive just started clicking and is no longer showing up on my PC. I've not lost anything valuable on it and was shocked how long I have had it. I'm looking at replacing it with a new drive somewhere in the region of 4-8TB capacity. There are a...
  7. jbb060

    Small micro-ATX case with four 3.5" bays & at least one 2.5" bay?

    Pretty much as the title says! I've recently upgraded my processor/mobo/RAM and went for a mATX board with the hopes of downsizing from my Antec 300-2. There seems to be a lot of nice small form-factor cases out there, but I've had difficulty finding one that enables my data-hoarding...
  8. Kosong

    HDD clocks out at 100% while under load.

    For the past 4-5 months now my PC has been maxing out it's HDD while under load, mostly while gaming. This is causing games to stutter and lag behind really bad at random points. We have tried all of the common troubleshooting google has to offer like disabling some windows features, playing...
  9. Robbie_G


    Hi, Looking to get a deal and save some pennies then why not check out the clearance section on our website or just click here. As part of a forum deal I'm looking to follow Nik and open up my b-grade sections to offers. A lot of prices are reduced heavily already so if I can't match the offer...
  10. Mr Dan Dan

    Internal hard drive needed

    I bought a 4tb Seagate barracuda internal HDD from another site, plugged it in but was completely dead, returned it, they confirmed it was faulty, sent a replacement, plugged the replacement in and it's also dead. No movement or sounds coming from it. I've tried different sata cables and power...
  11. truewraith

    WD BLACK P10 5TB ! is this good for console & pc gaming?

    some say it is and some say its got super slow write speeds etc, so i have no idea lol as i thought black drives were made for gaming in mind so it cant be that bad! was going to buy 2, 1 for my xbox1 console and another for my pc as my steam gaming drive or would it be better having internal...
  12. Revolt

    RAID Advice Needed

    Hi guys, As mentioned in the title, I think it's about time to upgrade my storage (which I installed in 2011) to the RAID setup I've always wanted, and I need some advice as I'm a bit out of my depth! I currently use an old Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black HDD (as seen in the hyperlink) for...
  13. CCPD

    Need Advice Choosing External 8TB Hard Drive

    Looking to get reliable 8TB external hard drive with fast write and read speed, to free some space from my internal drive. I will mainly use it to store large video and image files. 1. Seagate Expansion Desktop Hard Drive 8TB HDD External - PC Windows PS4 & Xbox - USB 2.0 & 3.0 Black...
  14. truewraith

    Whats Recommended allocation size on format of 4tb+ hdds ? (large files)

    hi, ive always used this option as default but i was wondering is it better to change this when transfering large files from drive to drive and dose it make it faster transfer? my hdds are mostly 4tb and 6tbs thanks for any info or advice on this :)
  15. Synattacks

    What to upgrade first? (And some SSD questions)

    System info: https://imgur.com/LobpxJA I've attached a screenshot of "System Information". I'm running a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti . I do game, but not particularly demanding games, and I doubt I'll have problems running games that are "a bit" more demanding than what I play most (CSGO), as...
  16. Gondar

    WHEA- logger error

    After installing SATA hdd i noticed too long logo motherboard loading and some sound in PC case in that time, after i booted to windows i opened event viewer and saw 2 problems: 1)WHEA LOGGER: A fatal hardware error has occurred. A record describing the condition is contained in the data section...
  17. Oliver Henwood

    Games keep BSOD on secondary HDD

    So I recently upgraded my PC completely, the only two things which remained the same were my Nvme ssd and my old HDD. I did put in a new 1tb SSD also for newer games. Currently however every game which i have on my HDD either loads extremely slowly about 20x slower than it used to or it just...
  18. ConnorBCFC

    Windows won’t boot

    Hi all. My friend has given me his Windows system, which is about 6 years old, to try and diagnose. The original issue was that it’d boot into the blue screen which gives him options like system restore, start up repair etc. I formatted his hard drive, reinstalled windows and everything seemed...
  19. resistor

    WD Black vs Gold (for desktop)

    I'm looking to replace an aging 1TB 3.5" SATA HDD in my i7 desktop with a 6TB drive for my data (my system drive is SSD). I favour WD as I've had no issues with them over the years. Reasonable performance is a consideration, so I was thinking in terms of a 6TB Black. But I see that WD offer a...
  20. jj007

    **HELP, Windows 10 OS on SSD non RAID - RAID HDDs stopped working post win update**

    Hi everyone, I have windows 10 Pro (64bit) OS installed on an SSD which is my boot drive (non raid). I have 4 HDDs bound as RAID members for my data. The machine has been working without fault for a long time. Post a windows update today my machine borked out. Windows reported...
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