high flow next

  1. kosch

    Flow flow flow, we all say flow!

    I upgraded from AIO to a hardline build back in August 2021 flow rate was 150 L/H then slowly got worse and worse, thanks Aquasuite flow rate graphing!! Now it won't go over 94 l/h at 100% pump speed, support article says min of 100 L/H is safe...
  2. megatron

    High Flow Next, High Flow 2 & High Flow lt flow sensors *Owners Club*

    I'm going to try to replicate a post from the Aquacomputer forum. My High Flow Next is enroute. The item was out of stock when I ordered it and it has been a two months wait but the impeller is hand calibrated in each device, so not exactly mass produced. high flow NEXT - The next generation...
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