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  1. Quartz

    Are there any PCIe v5 riser cables?

    I hope we all know the problems that arise from using a PCIe v4 card with a v3 riser cable. But, with Intel about to release their Arc GPUs which are surely going to take advantage of PCIe v5, are there any v5 riser cables?
  2. 4K8KW10

    *** AMD "Zen 4" thread (inc AM5/APU discussion) ***

    AMD Confirms "Zen 4" on 5nm, Other Interesting Tidbits from Q2-2020 Earnings Call https://www.techpowerup.com/270414/amd-confirms-zen-4-on-5nm-other-interesting-tidbits-from-q2-2020-earnings-call - TSMC N5 process node; - AM5 boards; - DDR5 dual-channel mode per module - quad-channel per...
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