1. jennidc

    Elden Ring

    As its released this month (25th) I thought I would start a thread. I have it pre ordered on ps5 and I'm counting down the days for this. What builds are everyone going for?? Myself I want to start with the deprived equivalent class so I have no wasted stat points but will aim for dex/faith...
  2. cryptonian717

    Any Gothic Series Fans here

    So I just finished the remastered demo of gothic 1. It seems to be very well done, I cant wait to play the game again, however I think that it is kind of a dead project because the demo has been out for quite some time already. Any other fans here?
  3. LateX'Dog

    CrossCode - An incredible RPG experience

    Download the demo - http://store.steampowered.com/app/368340/ The story takes place in a Virtual Game world called CrossCode, where you play as Lea, the protagonist who lost their memory and the only way to get their memory back, is by searching for it in the CrossCode world. I don't want to...
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