1. Cadder

    Hugo Energy App for Smart Meters

    I've had this app installed for a week or so now. I hadn't heard of Hugo until another member posted a link in another thread. It's a great idea and I'm quite impressed with the app overall. It's a LOT better than the SECURE home monitor I have. I can set budgets, look at hourly usage of gas...
  2. Schizophonic

    Smart mirror question

    I want to repurpose an old IKEA mirror we have, stupid dumb question now....can I reuse all the parts of the mirror to make it into a Smart mirror. What I'm reading on about building the frame and then using a two way glass and then regular glass with a reflective film. What would our normal...
  3. craig_t

    Energy Suppliers (strictly no referrals)

    So, it's that time where I need to move suppliers. The way I see it is, I get gas and electric and it's provided along the same lines but somehow other companies charge for it but the service should all be the same as not sure when I really need to deal with the 'company' I pay. However...
  4. Derek W

    Convince me - Why should i go smart?

    Hi all, I'm about to do some redecorating / home upgrades (boiler is 30+ yrs old) and smoke detection system needing to be upgraded by Feb 2021. Should i be using this upgrade time to make my house smart? Maybe not for myself but for any future owner? Smart Meter - first touted as a way to...
  5. mrk

    When would you consder replacing an older SSD with a newer one?

    More of a curiosity post really to see what others do and what SSDs they have as their OS drive with games/software installed. I have had an Intel Skulltrail 730 series (480GB) since close to launch and having had many many SSDs since at both home and work, it has been the single most reliable...
  6. ic1male

    HDD SMART software recommendation

    My PC is on its very last legs now and randomly shuts down at inopportune moments almost every day. Today it did it during a copy/write process. I did a disk check in Windows 10 using the Command Prompt CHKDSK D: /F and nothing untoward flagged up but sometimes there are problems that aren't...
  7. ziggynerja

    SMART info advice

    I've just bought a re-certified WD Red 6tb drive, and I'm attempting to understand the S.M.A.R.T info after running an extended test using WD Data Lifeguard on it. Would you say this is worth returning? I'm concerned how low some of the Values are. Any advice would be appreciated.
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