1. PowerBoneFrost

    Can't turn on TPM on Gigabyte Z77P-D3

    Hey guys, I bought a TPM module for this motherboard. The "new" setting in the BIOS (Trusted Computing) shows up . I am able to turn TPM SUPPORT to Enable. However, TPM State remains Disabled even after turning it to Enable, saving, and rebooting. It just reverts back to Disabled. What can I do...
  2. Quartz

    Does CPU-based TPM survive a BIOS reset?

    Intel call it PTT and AMD call it FTPM. But suppose you have a TPM-secured OS on your PC and you update or reset your BIOS. Does your OS still boot? Does everything still work?
  3. Tarl

    Asus TPM-M R2.0 (14 Pin) on an ASUS Prime M450M-A Motherboard?

    Hi all, I've got a question for the hive-mind here. I have an ASUS Prime B450M-A motherboard and I want to add some security. It has a 14 pin TPM header but I can't seem to find-out if it will accept the ASUS TPM-M R2.0 or not. Does anyone have an answer for me? Many thanks, Tarl.
  4. stockhausen

    Retrofitting a Trusted Platform Module?

    Are there any PCI cards that can be used to implement Trusted Platform Module (TPM) as required by BitLocker? Sorted, the Gigabyte GC-TPM2.0_S ( should do the trick :)
  5. The Old School Gamer

    Asus X570 TUF (Wi-Fi) Plus - Updates. Tips & Troubleshooting

    Latest BIOS update To download the latest BIOS and older versions please visit: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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