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  1. kennethsross

    Building PCs from my first abacus, but Newbie to watercooling

    Watercooling newbie question. Building a new desktop PC - mainly photo-editing (big RAW files) and a wee bit of video. i9-12900K. 64GB Crucial DDR5 - 4800. Stock Intel video for a couple of months until I get the pennies for a 3070 / 3080. Here's the Question. I plan to watercool with a 360mm...
  2. Jamsterman666

    Rtx 2080 ti 11gb sea hawk ek x HELP!!!

    Hi all my friend currently has the Rtx 2080 ti 11gb sea hawk ek x. He has decided he doesn't want to use his system with the custom loop anymore. My question is can I convert this card from a water-cooled block to a standard Air cooled block or even put on the aio system the sea hawk x uses...
  3. Sashley

    Hello! I am thinking about water cooling my MSI Gaming Z Trio 6900XT

    Hi, Apparently the card takes the MSI Gaming X trio water block for Navi 21. I have never water cooled before, I was wondering if there is anyone that has similar experience that can offer me a step by step or some useful tips to water cool this card safely. I have heard issues with mixing...
  4. Siimuliize


    CYBERPUNK 2077 PROJECT QUADRA This build is inspired by the game cyberpunk 2077 and the legendary Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech car that can be seen in trailers etc. You have seen a couple of builds based on the game but since no one based a build on the iconic car from the game it was perfect...
  5. Jaydog

    Water Cooled Build - P500a, 3090 - Please help!

    Hi, I am doing a build to reduce the temps on my 3090. The 3090 will be the only thing on the loop. Parts list: Rad - 420mm going at front Fans - 3 x 140mm going at front Distro plate - Phanteks D140 rear 140mm mounted (distro plate is actually 2 mini separate reservoirs) Pump - EK Quantum...
  6. Richard Oliver

    Problem connecting my new ID Cooling Auraflow pump

    I am in the process of changing cases and have forgotten how to connect my ID Cooling Auraflow pump. There is a 3 pin connector coming from the pump which I believe powers it but I have no 3 pin socket in the motherboard. Am I missing an adaptor? Please see photos attached for more info. Any...
  7. Icarus-falling

    New Water cooled build.

    So I am wanting to do a new water build. This has been a long term plan but I now have the money to do so. I don't often upgrade a pc the last one is 7 years old as I do Laptop Upgrades in between. My main question is on Three things. The first is how hard it hardline tubing to work with. My...
  8. Chigs

    Is my Corsair XD5 Faulty? New to watercooling!

    Hi guys, new to the forum and watercooling! Just built my first water cooled rig, pretty impressed with myself to be honest! Didn't think it would come out as clean as it did! Only made 1 mistake with PETG tubing too. So I installed everything and started to fill the Corsair XD5 pump/res...
  9. kondek

    Dual loop intel and turbo loop intel hedt - build logs of my 2nd and 3rd builds ever!

    2 Intel builds, one featuring 10900k (personal rig) and the other with 7980xe (partner's workstation). I'll begin with a quick intro explaining how I have ended up with those configs. I am just a poor student, that enjoys trading pc parts. I have built my first own pc with the money I saved up...
  10. m3z

    Watercooling Newbie Advice

    Just a little background - I've wanted to do a water cooled build for years and am finally ready to actually go ahead. My reasons for wanting to do it aren't to do with aesthetics but instead for low noise and because, well, it's cool. I don't intend to overclock anything. I've just a couple of...
  11. Simon L

    Pumps not pumping around custom loop

    Hi all, Firstly, really appreciate the forum, reading all the posts here I plucked up the courage to try my luck at my first custom loop! The issue I'm facing is, I've built the loop (it's a mess I know lol), there aren't any apparent leaks but the water isn't being pumped around the loop. I...
  12. ron jeffreys

    crosshair hero v111 wont post

    hello nice peoples, im new to this so forgive me if im in the wrong place and ask stupid questions, ive had my hero v111 running for a while now, its built in a tt tower 900 with a amd series 9 3900x, power cooler red devil gpu, 2 m2 drives, 1 samsung 1 tb ssd, and other bits an bats, psu power...
  13. Jimbo0115

    Advice needed

    Hello everyone first post in the forum I am completely new to water cooling would anyone advise me on a few things. What should the flow rate be though my loop? Iv tried to look online for answers and can't seem to find any solid information. I am running 3 ek 360 rads 60 mm bottom. 40mm top...
  14. Robbie_G


    Hi, Looking to get a deal and save some pennies then why not check out the clearance section on our website or just click here. As part of a forum deal I'm looking to follow Nik and open up my b-grade sections to offers. A lot of prices are reduced heavily already so if I can't match the offer...
  15. Bradley Clay

    AIB On Voiding Warranty via Watercooling GPU?

    Hey! i was going to upgrade my Gaming X Trio 2080ti to a 3090. I have one question: What are AIB's thoughts on Taking apart a card and putting a water block on there? it seems EVGA are one of the better partners, also have read good things about Zotac / MSI, just wanted a clear idea before...
  16. MattHenty

    Pump Help

    Afternoon, I currently have a EK Res/Pump combo (EK-XRES 140 Revo), however the pump has had it, grinds, rattles the case, loop has little bits of plastic crap in, the pump is that loud when at 100% the wife can hear it through the walls, however if i set it at low RPM it's fine. My question...
  17. mof

    Load temps at ambient temp theoretically possible?

    If you had enough rads,fans,high enough fan speed, big enough blocks, high enough flow rate,best TIM etc. Could you get cpu/gpu load temps to be the same as the ambient temp or slightly above it? What would the other limiting factors be?
  18. benparker

    Water cooling 5800X

    Noob here. I've got a 5800X and 3060Ti and planning to get RGB ram. Are there any water coolers I can use for the CPU which will still allow visibility with a NR200 with tempered glass?
  19. MrJB

    Back to Black (&Red) [Meshify 2 XL][Hardline Loop]

    Hi all, TL;DR: This will be my project log for my first water cooled custom loop with an X570/3700X inside a Fractal Design Meshify 2XL. Going mostly for Heatkiller blocks & res, Alphacool (rads, fittings & tubes) and possibly some EK parts using 13mm hard line acrylic tubes. Looks will be a...
  20. Xerocade

    ASUS 3000 Series with EK Waterblocks

    Has anyone seen these yet? 3070: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Graphics-Cards/ASUS/RTX3070-8G-EK 3080: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Graphics-Cards/ASUS/RTX3080-10G-EK 3090: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Graphics-Cards/ASUS/RTX3090-24G-EK It's a...
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