1. nathan_s

    Expanding from 16 GB to 32 GB of RAM on X570

    Hi guys, I currently have 16 GB of Crucial Ballistix Sport LT BLS2K8G4D32AESCK 3200 MHz, DDR4, DRAM, CL16. I would like to expand to 32 GB but that kit is no longer available. I am on Aorus X570 AORUS ELITE mobo. So what is the best option, performance wise (don't mind spending more on a...
  2. luismenendez

    Asrock X570 Phantom Gaming X question

    Hi guys, My motherboard has an extra four-pin PSU connector (so it has 8+4) which I am not using as I thought that the extra connector would be good if running multiple GPUs which I am not. Am I right using only the 8 pin connector and leaving the other 4 unused? I have an RTX3070 and I don't...
  3. Z-U

    BSOD with new 64gb RAM....what am I doing wrong?

    Hi all, I wonder if someone can advise me on something...I'm a novice compared to you guys. I have 64gb of Corsair Vengeance LPX....apparently sold as AMD Ryzen-ready or whatever the term was... These dimms are CMK64GX4M2Z4000C18 (ver 3.44 if that's important). Whenever I put them in the...
  4. TheSoupladel

    5950x optimisation advice

    I have recently just upgraded to a 5950x, which is overkill in my current System of 3060 and 1080p panels but i bought it with the intention of eventually getting better panels and a better GPU when and if things normalise closer to MSRP. So in my current situation i am not really looking to...
  5. Yella Fella

    USB C expansion cards for x570

    Currently using an ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming and looking to expand on the USB C type connector ports and/or potentially support for thunderbolt. Anyone recommend any that's good and compatible with Ryzen chips as not sure if they are the same support wise with Intel-based setups.
  6. ashic

    VGA 97 error on soft reboot

    I've finally built my new rig. Ryzen 5950x, Asus x570 Crosshair VIII formula, Crucial Ballistix Max 32GBx2 DDR4-4400, Samsung 980 pro 2TB nvme, Corsair H150i AIO, and a scalped Zotac 3060 gpu. It's connected to my trusty Dell 2715K 5K monitor via two displayport cables. Everything works in Linux...
  7. Tanin'iver

    X570 motherboards with Killer NIC?

    I'm looking for any X570 chipset motherboards that include Killer NIC technology - I think the current wired chips for that are the E2600 and E3000. So far I've only found the MSI MEG X570 Godlike that includes it...
  8. Dannyblueeyes

    Saving fan curve

    Is there any way I can save my fan curves that I've set up in the bios because every time I update the bios it resets and its annoying setting it all up again. Motherboard is MSI X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI. Thanks
  9. ik9000

    MSI X570 boards fan control + temp sensors

    @MSIUK Support @MSI-Guru or anyone else who knows: Hi. Does anyone have a good guide for how to set up fan control on MSI x570 boards? I'm trying to get a sensible noise level (without risking overheating) and struggling to know how to link the fans against the various sensors on offer: I've...
  10. ODuffer

    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master Rev 1.1 F33a - BIOS "Windows Boot Manager" problem

    I'm having issues with the BIOS losing or wiping the UEFI Entry for "Windows Boot Manager" it goes from correctly listing my SSD (Samsung 860 EVO 500GB) to saying "no boot device found". CSM is disabled. All the disks have GPT partitions, there is a usual EFI system partition on the Samsung...
  11. Figo

    Resizable BAR / SAM on Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000/4000) on X570 Taichi

    Looks like ASrocks new 4.0 Bios has unlocked SAM for older Ryzen CPUs Decent wee performance bump on the RX 6800 - not bad at all for a bios toggle!
  12. eltname

    B550 Vision D / D-P for 5950x / Vision 3090 OC - performance?

    Hi all, I'm waiting for my 3090 Vision OC to arrive. I'm looking for something overkill to play games (fairly competitive PUBG) on a 4k 144hz monitor but happen to work in video so the 24gb shouldn't be too wasted on me. However I (think) I'd like lots of cores for work - mainly Resolve /...
  13. hkintheuk

    AMD : 5950X : Overclocking & Asus Dark Hero

    Morning folks, Der8auer did a YouTube video called "Overclocking AMD Ryzen just became INSANE". For those of you who understand overclocking a lot more than I do, and are Dark Hero owners and perhaps watched this video, I think I noticed something odd in his BIOS settings with his RAM. He...
  14. Geekazoid

    Life of me can't get the ram to run 3600mhz

    Right I start with the specs Mobo MSI X570 tomohawk WiFi CPU 5900x stock RAM Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32gb 4 sticks of 8gb all 4 banks full SSD's sabarent rocket 1tb, XPG SX8200 Pro 1tb GPU sapphire Radeon 6900xt Powersupply Kolink Continum 80+ platinum 850w CPU Cooler Corsair i100 RGB Pro...
  15. Justa:G

    Gigabyte X570 aorus-pro QLASH BUT THEN NOT LOADING BIOS

    I have a similar problem, as most with this GiGabyte X570 not responding : parts all new ( still wanting for my RTX 3080 ( overclockers have me in position 900! ) borrowed 2 new 2080ti cards to keep things moving with my build! gigabyte x570 Pro 2x RTX 2080ti Vengeance ram 64BG Be Quiet...
  16. Wheezymeme

    3070 drivers & windows crashing

    Literally crashing non stop rn. I just got a new 5800x with asus x570mobo and when i try to install drivers for my 3070 windows warns me it cant verify the publisher of the driver software. If I install driver anyway, I boot loop until i go into safe mode and uninstall drivers. If i decline...
  17. Cadder

    Solved: MSI X570 Tomahawk WiFi - Not Posting

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well. Or at least, better than I am. I have just built my PC today. it is: Ryzen 7 5800X MSI X570 Tomahawk WiFi Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti 32gb 8Pack DDR4 RAM Seasonic Focus PX-750 I haven't once managed to get it to connect to two different monitors on...
  18. mjeccs

    Help required - Upgraded to 5800x

    Hi guys Looking for some help and advice on an issue I am experiencing with my system. I am attempting to upgrade from a Ryzen 3200g to 5800x, when I have replaced the chip, the system does not post. There is nothing displayed at all. I have updated my x570 Tomahawk motherboard bios to...
  19. jinxpad

    Voltage limit in Bios? x570 + 5900X

    hey guys, Was hoping to get a little help if possible, finally got my 5900x in the mail and got it installed. After soe tinkering around with Ryzen Master, I was wondering if there was a way to limit the peak voltage in the bios? From what I understand, BIOS voltage ignores ryzen master...
  20. Khye

    Hi all, new from the Emerald Isle

    Hi all, just popping in to say hello. Decided to dig in here with Overclockers as my base while I join the rat race to grab myself a AMD 5800x and 6800xt. Built my Thermaltake P5 Core back in 2016, was Intel and Nvidia...picked a tough time to do my rebuild, Its also my first time changing...
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