2022 World Snooker Championship - 16th April to 2nd May

16 Oct 2002
In the radio shack
Yes and it's a shame the two women on tour have done ridiculously bad (although one of them was probably stuck in Hong Kong because of CoViD). No reason why women can't be as good as the men at it.
Wife and I were talking about this yesterday when they showed the womens world championship which looked like it was being played in a community centre somewhere. I can’t see why there should be a separate competition, snooker is a sport where there’s no reason men and women can’t play together.
8 Nov 2008
Wasn’t it his son that Ronnie “assaulted” many years ago?
I may be getting players mixed up but I’m fairly sure it was something about his friend not being allowed into a room so Ronnie hit the guy, I think it was Lens son…wouldn’t have done it to Len that’s for sure lol.
All of this puts me off him as a player and yet I still like him as a person, I know he has issues but he just generally has a lack of respect for the game that has made him.

Yes, I recall that. Len's son, Mike Ganley - tournament director, I think. I believe it was around '96?
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