Asus P8Z77 V Pro and HP Reverb G2

27 Jul 2012
Hi all,
Has anyone got the HP Reverb G2 working on an asus P8Z77 V Pro board.
I'm getting an error code from the windows mixed reality portal 7 - 13 which is USB host controller doesn't support ITP, isochronous timestamp packets.
I have no idea whether this motherboard even supports this or not.
Hopefully someone on here will know.
23 May 2006
that is quite an old system for a really high end headset.
1) question do you have the new V2 cable or the old version 1. (is there a push button power switch on the square part of the cable... if there is it is a V2)

the v1 cable gave all sorts of problems with usb is was essentially not fit for purpose. I had loads of issues with mine. this was an accepted problem with AMD boards but some with Intel had it too. it is (or was) a free replacement I just contacted HP.

failing that you may need a pcie usb3 card.
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