Dead Pixels on a 4k TV

18 Oct 2002
I recently purchased a QE55Q95TDT direct from Samsung as it was on offer. It's the one with the IPS panel and whilst people have complained about backlight bleed, I have zero complaints. Image is stunning whatever content I watch. Mind you, it has replaced a 7 year old, 48" 1080p Samsung display.

I had the PS4 on at the time and was at the home dashboard (blue background) and noticed some dead pixels near the top left edge when I walked past the TV. I then fired up the web browser and went over to a site that presents red, green, blue, black and white full screen colour. I spotted a few more towards the bottom edge left as well. These were definitely dead (not stuck) and I could see nothing in the centre area.

I've had the TV for 2 weeks and sitting at regular distance on the sofa, it would be absolutely impossible to spot. I failed to do so in 2 weeks of ownership and you have to really be up close to notice.

I can be really picky about imperfections and it would drive me mad if it was on a phone or PC display. However, part of me tells me to stop thinking about it and just carry on enjoying the damn thing as I have done the last 2 weeks.

I suppose given there are 8.8m pixels in there, you are going to get some dead ones but what are peoples general view and experience?

I've been out of display tech loop for a while so I don't know if QC control standards in general have fallen over the years so don't know if its fairly typical to avoid pixel issues when purchasing a new TV today?
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