EVGA 980Ti SC custom BIOS?

7 Apr 2009
Greenock, Scotland
Evening. Iv had this card for a while and it seems to me like it has never overclocked very well. The ASIC Quality is at 71.5% wich doesnt seem too bad to me. Anyway Im wondering if anyone has tried to unlock the voltage with a custom bios and if they have is it even worth the risk. I found a custom rom that seems to be pretty stable according to some users. I understand that whats good for one card isnt always good for another.

My Max OC to date is

Core Clock +70
Memory Clock +350

And thats with the voltage locked at 1205mV

I was hoping to get a bit more on each if possible

The card sits at about 83c on stock cooling when OCd during gaming

Any advice is really appreciated
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