Glorious GMMK V2 keyboard released

22 Aug 2010
On the Wagon-East Angular
As title, Glorious have announced/released the GMMK V2 which will be available in both barebones and prebuilt and in three colours (black, white and pink). A few upgrades over the GMMK (removable lead, side lighting, 5 pin compatible). Not available in fullsize but it is in 96% which looks like it might fit the bill for what I'm after. They're also doing a 65% variant. Both in ISO and ANSI
OCUK are stocking them (white and black so far).
I'm planning a Gateron Yellow Pro build with the Aura V2 Keycaps. I really don't want to lose the numberpad, but wasn't fully happy with the GMMK. After hours of research I think this will do nicely! Just need them to hurry up and get them in lol
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