Gommora is the greatest TV show you've never heard of

1 Mar 2010
c4 started showing 2nd series of The Hunter recently, more substance than the latter gommora series.
show's equally from the police perspective, the identity of the Don & living arrangements more clandestine/less glamorous ... what's the reality.
14 Sep 2007
These Italian Mafia series have me hooked! Currently up to Gomorra season 3 - loving it.

Last night I took a pause and instead seeing the recommendations in this thread, started watching Suburra (2015) which is excellent. I happened to re-read this thread and realised there is a three season series of Suburra on Netflix, so I stopped watching the film!?

I just wondered if there is any order to chronologically watch:

1) What order to watch the Gomorrah series and the film The Immortal?
2) What order to watch Suburrah series and the film of the same name?
3) I take it that Romanzo Criminale is a completely separate story/series?

Many thanks in advance and would greatly appreciate no spoilers. :)

In retrospect and knowing all that happens, don't watch L'Immortal until after episode 1 of season 5 for maximum effect.

It won't hurt to watch it earlier but you'll see what I mean once you get there.
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