Plantronics Gamecon 780 replacement

5 Feb 2009
So I am having a baaaad week - three days after my graphics card suddenly died, I had just got the new one installed and decided to try it out in Nioh 2, picked up my trusty and beloved old Gamecom headset and the plastic on the left side cracked as I put it on.

I have ordered some superglue gel and will try that out, but it feels like I'll be needing a replacement headset. :(

I liked the Gamecom. For the price I paid (about £30 I recall) it's lasted me years (must be near a decade), and performed really well. It's long discontinued, though, it seems.

Having just shelled out an obscene amount on a new graphics card, I want to keep the budget tight for this one. Below £50 ideally. I'm looking for something with directional sound (so 5.1 I guess, possibly 7.1?), decent mic (though mic quality is very secondary in importance to both sound quality and comfort). I don't want to have to shell out extra for a headphone amp, and I don't currently have one.

I notice the sticky reccomendation thread in this forum is a bit out of date, so hoping there's something decent to be recommended.
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