Please help me with my running plan

20 Nov 2004
Hi folks

Years ago I did quite a bit of running, for about 2 years. Average 2-3 runs per week 5-8 miles a time. Did the midlands run 8.5 miles without stopping approx 11 min per mile. Then a few months later did half marathon at 10 min per mile.

Sadly as I built up too quickly I ended up with plantar fasciitis and have struggled with it since. I do daily stretches that keep it at bay. Last 2 years iv hardly run. Think I could go out and do 3-4 flat miles without issue (other than sore heals)!

I want to do a 8.5 miler end of May. I have approx 8 weeks.


Week 1 - 3 mile, 3.5 mile
Week 2 - 3.5 mile, 4 mile
Week 3 - 4 mile, 4.5 mile
Week 4 - 4.5 mile, 5 mile
Week 5 - 5 mile, 5.5 mile
Week 6 - 6 mile, 6.6 miles
Week 7 - 7 miles, 7.5 miles
Week 8 - 5 mile easy run & rest

I think running more than twice per week would be bad for my plantar fasciitis. And I do not have much free time.

How does my plan look? Advice welcome.
20 Feb 2004
Higher Walton
Personally I’d look to be trying to run 3 times a week and only really increase volume when you’re managing to run pain free.

What’s the reason for the 8 miler at the end of May? Is it an event? Maybe just try and alternate walking and running to get through the distance pain free.

Other option is to try doing some calf/TiVo raises to build up muscle and try new trainers which may suit better.
20 Oct 2002
In a house
I am not an expert, but have had similar problems before, and the the best solution for PF for me was to wear a night splint, along with lots of rolling with a hockey ball that I kept in the freezer.
I also do calf raises on a step most days, as it just feels good.
It's also worth getting gait analysis done to help you find the right sort of arch support from a decent shoe.
If you still keep getting it after doing all that, you just need to run slower and less often till you can stay pain free imho.



28 Jul 2010
Buy the book 80/20 Running and a heart rate monitor. Forget about distance. You are far better saying I am going out for 20min run than I need to so 8k today.
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