Plex server build help

20 Nov 2010
Hi all!
Been out of the game for a while now.

Was hoping i could some help with choosing parts to build a plex server. I'm not too worried about transcoding as i'll be trying to get everything to directplay to my devices. But, if i can get a cpu that can do a good job at transcoding, that's cool too.

At most i'll be streaming to 2 devices at the same time in 1080p at the very least, going up to 4k.

i'll be streaming videos and will not be storing photos on the server.

I think 16gb of RAM should be sufficient? Is that overkill or underkill? Open to suggestions. and a minimum of 4TB storage. Don't worry about RAID/backups etc.

I would love a small case(mini atx? those cute little cubes lol) if possible, as long as it can support multiple disks and has multiple m2 slots(so i can expand in the future). however if the price of those is significantly more expensive than a regular ATX case, i'd be fine with ATX.
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