Rugby union?



2 Apr 2009
Only caught bits of England while at work, good to see the win.

Watched the second half of France / NZ. Really good contest but can't help feeling that the Kiwis just aren't menacing enough out of their black kit!
20 Sep 2006
I'm a season ticket holder and my mrs is in her third trimester. I'm worried about giving her Covid so I'm quite reluctant to go to games as it obviously gets quite busy. The club have flat out refused to offer any refunds or exchange for club credit. Does that seem a little harsh?
13 May 2003
I once got invited to a works do to watch Wales Ireland at the Millenium it was 2016 or 2017 I forget which. It was the most dire boring defensive unentertaining game of rugby I have watched since some the England grind out victories in the 90's. We got about 10 seconds of rugby when Liam Williams scored the only try. The game was memorable for a 20 minute period when Ireland camped in Wales 22 and Wales 15 man defence kept them out without giving away a penalty. Which is impressive but dull as FF if you're not Welsh or Irish. After the game that was settled by penalties I was asked how I felt about the game with the expectation of "Wow amazing" but I honestly said it was one of the dullest least entertaining games of Rugby I have ever watched. In my defence I was watching a lot of Super Rugby at the time so the comparisons could not have been more unflattering.

Anyway I now hold Wales Ireland or vice versa in deep suspicion and Ireland have in the last 10 years pushed their way into the grouping with South African Super Rugby teams of only watch in an emergency (or they're playing England).

So today I'll record Ireland Wales and if the score makes it sound good watch it.

Looking forward to Scotland England, mentally I've still got England in the Heroes or Zeroes category. Unplayable at their best dross at their worst. I'm hoping can help them shake that off for the better before he leaves. A lot of talent in the England side but can it be harnessed is always the question.
18 Nov 2019
Scotland are a far better team now (past couple of years), enjoy watching them. England as usual need to work on their discipline.
Yes Scotland have definitely improved but I wouldn't say I enjoy watching them yet!!

I always feel sick with nerves!!

My brother is at Murrayfield watching it today, courtesy of his work (Sky manager of some sort) so be awesome for him if we win!!

He's a southern softie now though and says it's freezing there! Lol!
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