Should i replace my PSU in New Build?

25 Jul 2016
Hey Guys,

Just looking for some advice please, im currently in the process of getting a new build together and I'm wondering if i should buy a new PSU?
I currently have a EVGA 650W Gold that i bought in 2017. this PSU has not had everyday use and sometimes had a couple of months with out being powered on.

Im going to upgrade to a i5-12600K and a new Motherboard and RAM etc, im going to use my RTX2070 form my current build.
Do you recommend buying a new PSU, perhaps something bigger like a 750W?, or should i keep and use my current one.
I have never had any issues with my current PSU but not sure how long you should keep one before replacing.

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12 Apr 2007
but not sure how long you should keep one before replacing.

When it stops working or starts playing up is when you should relace it, under warranty too by the sounds of it.
A 5 y/o PSU is not old, assuming it has the wattage for you upgrades.

The whole point of buying a decent PSU is so you dont need to buy a new one every time you upgrade other stuff.

I've seen quite a few posts on here recently where people are asking this, why on earth would you spend £100 plus to replace something that not only isn't broken, but still under waranty ?:D
4 Oct 2019
my PSU is about 10 years old and never had nay problems with it.
Is your PSU the same model as OPs?

It doesn't help if it's not the same model. You might have a platinum rated top of the range PSU from GreatWall or another good PSU manufacturer and he might have a completely different PSU and a completely different experience.

You CAN get 10 years use out of a PSU but it depends on which PSU.
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