The hangout thread (organising social gaming etc)

20 Oct 2002
so i restarted tonight to get there again with more ammo

got there, ***** myself, headcrab launched itself onto my face, i tried to hit it off with my fist, but i ended up shooting myself in the face !! (but i didn't die)

whos around Monday night?
19 Dec 2010
Was a really fun game :)

Poor Rav kept glitching, which was making him miss hit shots. very frustrating evening for the joint winner from the previous week!!! Which leads to the question, what headset will he wear next week??? :p

Raggs had a few glitches too, but, his glitches were either holes in one or glitches that bounced his ball back onto the green. :cry: Lots of laughs at that hole in one. All we can say is Well played Sir as he wins yet again.

PLeyor, was having fun not caring about the scores until near the end when he turns into Tiger Woods and starts hitting shots from everywhere!! Bet he is a hustler, watch out guys, next week he will probably want to play for money!! :p

Then there is ShiWarrior, stormed out the gates with some amazing shots and was challenging for the lead with Raggs. But, the pressure was too much and he bottled it (again :p) and eventually ended up in midtable mediocrity.

Lastly, the Irishman(not the funny one) The most handsome, intelligent and gifted player of the group(hehe), started poorly but worked his way up from fourth place to finish in second place ahead of the floundering ShiWarrior. But not good enough to catch the Glitch King, Mr. Raggs :p

******This report was produced by a fair and impartial writer with no bias at all.*******
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