The Phanteks Glacier One 360 MPH



23 Aug 2005
OCUK won’t accept my review of this so thought i’d post here.

I’ve had this AIO in my pc for 3/4 months on a brand new build.

Started off working fine with pure white LEDs, over time gradually turned more and more yellow. This is on both the heatsink cover and the halos.

Judging by Reddit this is a common issue.

OCUK want me to break down my pc and send the entire unit back, radiator and heatsink included and they send it off which can take “up to 28 days”, when I could just send back the magnetic LED heatsink cover and halos.

Shoddy service and shoddy equipment.

Don’t bother buying it.

Worst experience I’ve had with OCUK since my first order back in 2005. Had £££££’s worth of parts from them since then.
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