Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

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13 Oct 2006
When I saw the video of the Ukranians on the Russian border earlier I sort of hoped that they would keep going...

It is a bit of a complicated one as in some respects strategically causing Russia concern in some areas by putting pressure on Russian territory could weaken their ability to maintain advances in other parts of Ukraine. Politically and morally though it is a messy one.

It hasn't been covered in the media but there has been sporadic shelling and attacks on military infrastructure in Belgorod Oblast in recent days though so far isolated incidents.
16 Aug 2009
Swedish air force doing training over Gotland - dunno if in any way related to the Russian Navy flights in and out of Kaliningrad.
Probably related to russian incursions into Swedish airspace - also there was a little matter of one of those russian TV documentaries a la we'll nuke Britain in minutes/cause a tsunami except this was about russia seizing Gotland and using that as a platform to invade neutral sweden and from that a springboard into NATO territory - it was from a few years ago but the canny Ukrainians retweeted it recently and it seems to have gotten the swedes rattled enough maybe to want to sign up to NATO. Talk about scoring an own goal, russia.

Gotland would make a useful base for baltic operations for sure.
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19 May 2004
Nordfriesland, Germany
Can one country veto it?

Yes, and also no. They could absolutely stop Sweden/Finland joining NATO, but Sweden/Finland's aim is to secure mutual defence pacts with the US (mostly) and the other NATO powers (particularly the UK) and there's nothing stopping the other NATO members signing up to such a pact or going on manoeuvrers and training exercises together.
7 Jun 2020
— Bloomberg (CET Time)

Past 11hrs:
*Austria’s Foreign Minister: I Am Confident That We Will Manage to Get the Sixth Sanctions Package Done in the Next Days
*Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister: There Is the Will to Get the Sixth Sanctions Package Done, but We Will Need More Time
*Brussels- German Foreign Minister Baerbock: I Don’t Expect the Next EU Sanctions Package on Russia to Be Agreed Today
*Brussels- German Foreign Minister Baerbock: An Oil Embargo Against Russia Needs to Be Sustainable, It May Well Be That We Need to Keep Up the Sanctions Regime for Years
*Ukrainian Finance Ministry: Ukraine Signs Agreement With Japan on $100 Million Loan

*Kremlin: Russia Will Monitor Carefully the Decisions by Sweden and Finland to Join NATO
*Kremlin: On Nordic Enlargement of NATO, This Will Not Strengthen the Security of Our Continent

*Sweden, Finland Rejected Turkish Request for Repatriation of 33 People With Alleged Links to Kurdish Militants, Cleric Gulen — Turkish State Media Citing Justice Ministry

Past 7hrs:
*Czech Industry Minister: Gas Storages at Over 40% Capacity As of May 16
*Hungary Foreign Minister: We Have Supported the Coal Sanctions at the Explicit Request of Poland
*Hungary Foreign Minister: But We Have Made It Clear There Was a Red Line in Sanctions
*Hungary Foreign Minister: It Has Been Clear to EU What Hungary’s Stance on Oil Sanctions Is for Weeks
*Hungary Foreign Minister: Russian Oil Shipments via Pipelines Should Be Exempted From Proposed Sanctions
*Hungary Foreign Minister: If Pipeline Sipments Are Exempted Hungary Can “Live With” This Current EU Sanctions Package
*Hungary Foreign Minister: We Have Not Received Any Serious New Proposal From the EU on Sanctions Since Commission President’s Recent Visit to Budapest

*Moscow-Belarus Leader Lukashenko: We See Desire From the West to Prolong Conflict in Ukraine
*Moscow-Belarus Leader Lukashenko: We See Attempts to Dismember Ukraine
*Russia’s Putin: Expansion of NATO Is a Problem
*Russia’s Putin: It Is in the Interests of USA
*Russia’s Putin: Russia Has No Problems With Finland and Sweden
*Russia’s Putin: We Will React to Expansion of Military Infrastructure to These Countries
*Russia’s Putin: We Need to Pay Additional Attention to NATO Plans to Increase Its Global Influence

*EU, U.S. Agree to Cooperate on Supply Chain Ruptures From Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
*EU, U.S. Agree to Combat Russian Disinformation in Third Countries- Joint Statement
*EU, U.S. Agree to Cooperate on Transparency and Monitoring of Value Chains to Ease Semiconductor Shortages
*EU, U.S. Agree to Information-Sharing on Subsidies to Semiconductor Sectors

*Russia’s Defence Ministry: Humanitarian Corridor Opened at Azovstal Steel Plant — RIA
*Russia’s Defence Ministry: Humanitarian Corridor Is Being Used to Deliver Injured Ukrainian Soldiers to Medical Facilities — TASS

Past 5hrs:
*Hungary’s PM Orban: Tells Parliament Energy Crisis and Rate Hikes Will Bring About “Era of Recession” in Europe
*Hungary’s PM Orban: We Face Economic Problems and Political Mistakes of Brussels
*Hungary’s PM Orban: Does Not Block EU Sanctions As Long As They Do Not Pose a Risk to Hungarian Energy Security
*Hungary’s PM Orban: The Importance of Our NATO Membership Has Never Been This Obvious
*Hungary’s PM Orban: The War in Ukraine Will Continue for a Long Time and Will Pose a Permanent Security Risk to Hungary
*Hungary’s PM Orban: We Want Immediate Ceasefire and Peace Talks
*Hungary’s PM Orban: Brussels Abuses Its Power Day by Day
*Hungary’s PM Orban: We Are Seeking Our Dreams in the European Union
*Hungary’s PM Orban: We See Hungary in the EU in the Next Decade, Fighting for Its Rights
*Hungary’s PM Orban Tells Parliament We Will Coordinate Steps With Cbank

*Swedish PM Andersson: Government Has Formally Decided to Apply for Membership of NATO Alliance
*Swedish PM Andersson: Accession to Full Membership of NATO Should Not Take More Than a Year
*Swedish PM Andersson: We Plan to Hand In Application, Today, Tomorrow or Wednesday, to Be Synchronised With Finland
*Swedish PM Andersson: We Don’t See Any Direct Military Threat Against Sweden at the Moment

*Danish Prime Ministry: We Strongly Welcome Finland and Sweden’s Decisions to Apply for NATO Membership
*Danish Prime Ministry: Should Finland or Sweden Be Victim of Aggression on Their Territory Before Obtaining NATO Membership, We Will Assist Finland and Sweden by All Means Necessary
*Danish Prime Ministry: We Immediately Initiate Preparations in Order to Effectuate These Security Assurances
*Elysee Presidential Office: French President Macron Fully Supports Sweden’s Decision to Join NATO

*Secretary General of Moscow-Led CSTO: We Are at the Threshold of Further Militarisation of Eastern Europe and Tensions Increase
*Secretary General of Moscow-Led CSTO: This Is Also About Northern Europe
*Secretary General of Moscow-Led CSTO: NATO Expansion Will Lead to Increase in Tensions in Europe
*A Moscow Court Fines Radio Free Europe 18 mln Roubles — IFX

*U.S. Official: Ukrainian Forces Have Pushed Back Russian Troops Near Kharkiv to Within 3-4km of Russian Border
*Ukraine President Zelenskiy: Discussed with IMF Managing Director need for Financial Support for Ukraine’s Economy
*Ukrainian Court Seizes Assets of Russian Billionaire Mikhail Fridman Worth 12.4 Billion Hryvnia ($420 Million) — Ukraine’s Prosecutor General on Facebook
*Assets Seized Are Securities in Cypriot Companies Held in Alfa Bank in Ukraine- Prosecutor General

*Swedish Foreign Office: Swedish and Finnish Diplomats to Travel Soon to Turkey for Talks to Address Ankara’s Objections to NATO Membership for the Two Nordic Countries

Past 1hr:
*Russian C.Bank: Increases Monthly Limit on Cross-Border Transaction for Individuals
*Russian C.Bank: Russian Residents and Nonresidents From Friendly Countries Will Be Able to Send Abroad $50,000 per Month
*Russian C.Bank: Non-Residents From Unfriendly Countries Will Be Able to Send Money Abroad in Equivalent of Salaries or Other Incomes From Services They Provide

*Turkey’s Erdogan: Swedish, Finnish Delegations Should Not Bother Coming To Turkey to Convince Turkey to Approve Their NATO Bids
*Turkey’s Erdogan: Will Not Approve Sweden and Finland Joining NATO

*EU’s Borrell: No Agreement yet on the Sixth Package of Sanctions Against Russia
*EU’s Borrell: Difficulties Remain Over the Required Unanimity on the Proposed Oil Ban
*Eni to Open Accounts for Russian Gas After EU Clarification — Sources

*Commander of Forces in Azovstal Says Fulfills Decision of High Military Command to Save Lives of Defenders
*Azovstal Commander Makes No Specific Mention of Defenders Giving Themselves Up
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29 May 2005
So how Putin going to react to Finland and Sweden if there military infrastructure get upgraded?

As for Turkey

But President Erdogan has stated Turkey will not approve their bids to join Nato.

He has labelled Sweden a "hatchery" for terrorist organisations, claiming there are terrorists within parliament.

Turkey accuses Sweden and Finland of sheltering people it says are linked to groups it deems terrorists, namely the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militant group and followers of Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara accuses of orchestrating the 2016 coup attempt against President Erdogan and his government.
16 Jun 2005
The way Erdogan acts I'm not that sure Turkey would help even if another nato country was invaded.
29 May 2005
A lieutenant-colonel was accused of personally shooting dead multiple troops as they lay injured. The commander asked one soldier if he could walk, and when the man replied he could not, the officer killed him instantly.The chilling account comes from young army intelligence troops captured by the Ukrainians.

29 Jan 2008
25 Nov 2005
No wonder they had incidents with one CO getting run over by one of his own guys... maybe someone will shoot this guy in the back given the opportunity.

It appears there's a lot of issues with their command structure, the FSB are taking commanders away for failing to perform or just flat out refusing to follow orders

It's also rumoured the Tiktok brigade Chechens are there not only to shoot videos but to shoot any soldiers who want to retreat proper old school communist game that
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