What wearable do you use to track your health/fitness/workouts?

15 Mar 2010
Been debating if I should get a Forerunner 245 Music which can now be had for £180, or a Fenix 6s Pro for £360. Also seen new rumours of a Forerunner 255, so may wait for that.
Honestly depends how much random running you do. I had a 245M and moved to a 6 Pro recently and the main thing for me was the routing and nav feature, which if you tend to just do the same routes over is kind of pointless. That being said the cost of the fenix 6 watches is amazing value at the moment as they are trying to shift old stock given the 7 release and for the price/feature ratio its a no brainer really.

I cant see what a 255 is going to add that a fenix 6 series watch doesnt have, maybe touch screen? which is kinda w/e but will jack the price up.
1 Mar 2010
swimming this am, I find theres a lot more spare time day-dreaming than cycling/running ... to be filled by hrm data;
chest strap is hassle and a wrist optical has movement & water layer to deal with.

Polar oh1 looks an interesting option where you put it on temple, or a bicep/wrist strap, seems to be 2nd most accurate optical sensor to Apples watch in dry, too.

has anyone used one for swimming ?
since Blutetooth doesn't work under water would need to have your arm pass close to your temple when above the water, to be able to see the heart rate at the end of laps; like the polar chest strap, it would link with my current suunto.
12 Jun 2016
North West
What wearable do you use? (Brand/model) Fitbit sense
What do you use it for? (workouts, health monitoring, sleep tracking, nav when hiking, etc) have used it for health and sleep monitoring and activity tracking/logging
What do you like about it? The calorie deficit/tracking is great if you're strict with it. Takes the amount you walk and converts to calorie deficit
What do you dislike or would change about it? Can get a bit sweaty, the straps are ok but think cloth ones might be better.
Do you think it makes a tangible difference to your health and fitness? If you track every day without a doubt especially if you log your food intake, if you're a lazy git/get fed up of tracking then it's just pointless and a pretty watch.
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